Friday, March 6, 2009

Artificial Golf Putting Green

Artificial Golf Putting Green

Commerical & Residential
Artificial Grass & Turf
Back Nine Greens synthetic grass has the same look, feel and response as natural grass or lawn. The blades are smooth, flexible and feel soft when walked on. The turf is environmentally friendly, low maintenance and safe for kids and pets to play all day.

Commercial Turf Uses

* Shopping / Retail Complexes
* Hotels / Motels
* Apartment / Condo Recreation
* Sport / Athletic Fields
* Animal / Dog Care Facilities

Residential Turf Uses

* Yard Lawn
* Pool area
* Dog Runs & Pet Use
* Child Play Area

Putting green or a golf green in my backyard? What a great idea!

Home and backyard putting green areas are quickly becoming the perfect way to entertain and perfect your golf game either outdoor or indoor! Our synthetic putting/golf green construction is built to last with less maintenance than real grass, without looking fake.

When you have Southwest Greens install a putting green or artificial grass or artificial turf in your backyard, you have just hired the best! Your synthetic turf will be installed using expert construction techniques, which will give you the features you’d find on your favorite course, right at home. Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor putting green, you will have the most realistic golf surface available, with each custom designed and installed to provide a one of a kind masterpiece.

By creating the perfect green to fit your into lifestyle, you will treat yourself to a whole new level of leisure. Experience in the industry and the understanding of the game of golf provide us with the knowledge we need to design your dream putting green that is most suitable for your backyard or home. The stroke you practice on your Southwest Greens amenity will be the same you use on a real grass course. That is how similar our finished products are to natural surfaces! Our synthetic turf or synthetic grass looks nothing like fake grass, you have to feel the difference.

Southwest Greens a leader in the artificial grass and artificial turf industry, with over 25 PGA pros owning a putting green, is the leader in the home and backyard golf green industry. Our outdoor and indoor synthetic turf is installed by professionals in a worldwide market.

We invite you to browse our website to see a selection of amenities and our high quality golf green construction for yourself. We take great pride in the satisfaction of our customers.


  1. Artificial turf is modern way of greening your house. It has been the top choice of
    interior designers for house improvements. Kids and pets also love it, as it easy to
    clean and requires low maintenance it had rapid growth and popluarity among families.

    Increased use of artificial turf in sports have set a new trend in market. Players feel
    more comfortable on synthetic grass in comparison of nautral grass. It is being prepared
    with an extra rubber layment which provides the extra cushion for players.

  2. Recycled Rubber are now used for turfs. The comfort has been increased. Thanks for the post. Really its good info